cpu/mobo ? which one too choose?

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  1. i planning on buidling another puter n i have not decided the specs yet but have some inmind, but if you guyes tell me wat mobo/cpu i should get dat would be very wanted. im a AMD guy so AMD all the way plz. also computer is for gaming/entertainment system i wanna have dual monitors and also have a tv out to my tv. i needa fast strong computer that could do dat for me nebody help?
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    how much do you want to spend? that's always the important part, but i'll try to help you out for now..

    motherboard: nforce2 ultra 400 chipset (Abit AN7, Asus A7N8X Deluxe 2.0, Epox 8RDA3I, many others)
    cpu: probably 2500+. best value and oc's decently.
    memory: depending on your budget, 2x256mb pc3200 (for 512mb total) or 2x512 pc3200 (1gb total). definitely get memory with a good brand on it and ask if you need some guidance with that.
    video card: really depends on budget. $100 for a gf4 ti4200 128mb up to $300 for a 9800pro 128mb. you could spend more, but then it's just gettin crazy.
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    buy intel :cool:

    seriously though... amd processors are coming factory locked now so oc's to the levels once seen are going to be less and less likely...

    apparently from production week 37 and up the chances of getting a locked processor go up significantly while after week 39 production == greatest chance for locked processor... 37 and below == liklihood for unlocked cpu..

    basically with an unlocked cpu if oyu get a good sample you should be able to oc to 3000+ or 3200+ levels...

    for gpu you can try out the AIW 9600pro... its a decent gaming card with dual monitor support and works well for your entertaiment goals and also does tv out :)

    if you want something more powerful buy a dual head ati video card and buy a tv tuner pci card to complement the gpu...

    the mobp's taurus has listed are pretty much the best out there though I do recommend you give the intel canterwoods a decko... the 2.4c is an excellent choice as well and oc's easily to my cpu's levels (@ a higher bus) with a decent enough cooler...