Counterstrike hanged on me!!

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by aloozer, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. aloozer

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    Hi everyone..

    I was playing counterstrike halfway when the game hanged on me and the headphones i was wearing emitted a very sharp, constant, high-pitched sound!
    What's the possible cause??

    my pc specs...
    cpu : p4 2.8c ghz..running with stock fan
    mobo: msi 865pe neo 2 series
    psu : antec truepower 480w
    sound card : creative ..audigy
    gfx card : msi fx-5200..(entry level lah)
    1 s-ata + 1 p-ata + 1 cd-rom + 1 cd-rw + 1 floppy drive..

    It has been happening since I've used xp...
    happens almost everytime i play cs..
    what is the possible cause???

    pls advise,
  2. Aprox

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    California, USA
    Did you do a "dirty" install of Windows XP? And have you tried reinstalling video/audio drivers?