Counterstrike and my beeping comp

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by MaDHaTTeR, Dec 19, 2001.

  1. MaDHaTTeR

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    I have a strange problem with my Counter strike.. When iim playing CS and I walk forward I can no longer strafe left. this only happens when Im holding my walk button and forward and THEN push step left... and my tower beeps until I let go of left.. I will just keep beeping.. ?????? it never did this before xp so I dont know, ive checked and double checked my .cfg file and rebinded all the keys....
  2. max

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    beeping isnt good :(

    thats bios error , its having trouble with something

    i would update the bios , i know it sounds drastic , but its easy to do

    Just make sure you get the right bios for your MOBO
  3. Electronic Punk

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    Disable accesibilty options, I think there is something called sticky keys which may be doing this...
  4. Bytes Back

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    and if these dont work try another keyboard
  5. MaDHaTTeR

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    I tried the accesibility options.. no go ill get the new bios tomorrow..thx
  6. MaDHaTTeR

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    It seems to happen outside of CS also, the buttons im pushing are Lshift, w, and a when I push all three at the same time my comp beeps,, anyone else have any ideas...??? the bios didnt fix it either, im gonna buy a new keyboard after xmas, so I hope thats it
  7. MaDHaTTeR

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    Got a new keyboard, works like a champ, thx for those that helped
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