Counter-Strike Valve problem (possibly XP)

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by demon4870, Dec 25, 2001.

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    I recently re-installed counter-strike retail version onto my computer and am having problems logging onto Valve and WON. When i first installed it I was using just the LAN games at on my home network, but now that wont even work. I did add the 1.3 CS retail Xp update too but still no luck. If anyone can help i would appreciate it!
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    Using a firewall?
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    Um was using a firewall (sygate personal pro) but took it down. I am Running Xp but disabled that firewall. It may be possible that my router has setup up a firewall though 2 computers on the same LAN can still connect!?!? so im still clueless
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    Counter-Strike has a anti-piracy feature built into it. If two different computers using the same CD-Key try to play online at the same time, the first to connect will work, and all other different computers using the same CD-Key will not be allowed onto online multiplayer servers.

  5. Patch or full upgrade ?

    the incremental upgrade is known to be less stable that full patch.
    Try that see how you get on.
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    IM not understanding here. Are you saying to install the incremental patch (what is that by the way) or are you saying to install the full. Because i currently have installed the Half Life-Counter Strike (retail) patch Still wont connect to Valve or Won! Thanx for the reply
  7. Mmmm if you have used then you should be cool , you said that there where still problems when you tried to set up a lan game ? what happens when you try & set up the lan game ( what error message do you get )
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    Just Valve

    I can setup my own lan games and internet games. But for some reason when i try logging on to VALVe or WON it cannot find any servers and even if i add my own server as a favorite it still wont connect! I've Been looking everywhere for a solution hopefully you can help! If you want to send me an e-mail even my address is! Thanx