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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by love monkey, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. love monkey

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    hey man i need help why is counter strike slow on windows xp ? i had windows 98 before and counter strike use to run sweet and tight and now tha ti upgrade to xp it runs slwo when im in a game do u guys knwo why is doing that and how can i fix it and i knwo its nto my mhz cuz i have 700 and 200 mb of ram so if u guys can tell me what can i do please
    love monkey:( :confused:
  2. Detonator

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    Are you running any programs in the background?This could cause the slowdown,as Xp needs more memory to run then 98.
  3. Run her in 98 mode

    right click pon CS short cut , go to advanced & click run mode to 98. I did it & it sorted out my CS a treat !
  4. Sinster

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    you might want to go into your vid card properties and disabled vsync for OpenGL. But that's your choice. You will bump up your FPS. Also I am running CS in XP without problems.