Counter-strike Fusion 6.5

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    Didn't wanna put it on the frontpage, so will put it here.
    Think my obsession causes me to put too much CS stuff there ;)

    The Games Fusion team continue their series of replacement packs for Counter-Strike with the release of Fusion Pack 6.5, their acclaimed replacement pack which includes replacements for almost every aspect of CS. The Fusion Pack series is now coming to a close with this update of improvements and changes which have been made in mind of previous public opinions. If you are not familiar with the Fusion Pack, it was the aim of the Games Fusion team to make Counter-Strike as exciting and visually stunning as possible without having to tamper with the code.

    You can download teh update from 6 here:

    Or the full version here:

    Seems a bit daft with 1.4 arriving next week, but there you go ;)
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    2,006 play wayyyy too much need a nice calming game of Jedi Knight, tony hawk...or dungeon siege before I see you on the news sniping people from the top of big ben heheh