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  1. to change crosshair colors everytime u shoot its
    bind mouse1 "+attack;adjust_crosshair" if anyone didnt know. THERE IT IS, but now when i use a automatic there is a crosshair but when i use a sniper rifle there is no crosshair inless i zoom in with my special fuction button to zoom in. MY QUESTION is is there a way where i could bring out the crosshairs when i use a sniper rifle THANKs
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    nope, the point of having the awp is to snipe not use up close although if you're really good, you can kill without the crosshairs.
  3. well i dunno then, cuz this one cs video i was watchin had a crosshair when the awp was out without no scope. I COULD SNIPE OF CLOSE but only with the scout, cuz its faster then the awp, but im working on it........l

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    that has been changed since beta 7 or 6 i think