Corrupt GPO?

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    Windows Server 2003 R2, every GPO works and I can edit all but one of them. This one "corrupt" (I don't know what else to call it) gpo gives me the following error.


    I did some research and sent this to some coworkers. All of the advice I've found/received hasn't worked for me. I tired resetting the permissions with Dsacls and using instructions found here How to Use Dsacls.exe in Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 and it says it works but I get the same error. I was told to export the gpo and then reimport it back. That resets the permissions and you can get in. Didn't work. I was told to just copy and paste the GPO (which also resets permissions I guess) but that also results in the same error. So what do I do ... create a new GPO and start from scratch?


    Found something interesting. It appears that when you look at the GPO's in ADSIEdit you can tell which one is restricted by the following ... NOTE: The restricted policy is displayed with a notepad icon; the other policies are displayed with folder icons.

    I don't have any Notepad icons, all of them are Folder icons. Now I'm even more confused.

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