copying/using/backing-up user settings..

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by RaspootiN, Jan 24, 2002.

  1. RaspootiN

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    hey hey.

    what I'm trying to achieve seems like a really basic and common thing to do, yet I can't find any info on it whatsoever.

    I want to be able to backup windows settings for each user so that when it comes time to format I can just overwrite the default settings with my own. this includes things like customising the start menu, folder options, etc etc.

    this would also come in handy for user accounts. I have several on this computer and always find it a hassle to change all the minute details such as mouse speed and what not of the default windows desktop to something more my style.

    any ideas folks?

  2. DrX

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    If you go into computer management and Click on Local Users and Groups

    Then right click on either "users" or "group" directory you will see "Export List" ...

    Also go to run type gpedit.msc press enter

    Click on user Configuration to select it then Choose Action from the main menu "Export List"

    One thing is , i dont know how to import them afterwards :p

    hope that helps your quest