Copyin DVDS on to computers..without DVD it possible??

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by 50Cper23, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. 50Cper23

    50Cper23 Guest

    The question sais it all...:confused:
  2. Mr Dead

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    if you mean just copying the film onto your hard drive its easy just pop the dvd into your dvd rom and use any of the hundreds of rippers out there such as smartripper or dvd decryptor
  3. Azzuron

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    Cdroms cant read DVD. Regardless of what some programs claim they can do. Friend asked about some program that claimed it would read a DVD from a CDROM, yea...well i dont know what ever happened to that guy, aint heard from him in a while tho :eek:!