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  1. i just got coolman, and i dont know how to install the weather thing, i put the line
    <NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="C:\Program Files\DaisyManSoftware\weather.txt">
    and it doesnt show up. i downloaded the file and unzipped it to the program files\DaisyManSoftware\weather.txt and it doest work. And when i double click the vb file it says error blabla. SO i need help how to use this stuff?
  2. right...

    first of all, extract the weather.vbs file to your coolmon folder, then you have to open it up (right click and choose edit), and change 2 details.

    first detail: go to and type in your location. when it brings up the forcast, copy the url in internet explorer to the place in the vbs file where it says

    const conURLSrc = ""

    and replace the url inside the quotes with your one from the internet. eg, mine, for Birmigham, UK is:

    const conURLSrc = ""

    second detail: if you want your temperatures in degrees centigrade (i do), change

    metric = false -> metric = true

    ok, that's the script now set up.

    what you now need to do is set up coolmon to get the data from the weather.txt file, which the script will generate.

    by default, if you put in that filedata line, it will only put in the first line of the text file. however, you can select a certin line by putting a number into the target

    <NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="C:\Program Files\CoolMon\weather.txt,4">

    this collects the 4th line - which is the current temperature. you can read which lines mean what by reading the notes in the script file. you have to make a new filedata command for each line you want to use. for example, here is my config for coolmon for the weather:

    <B>Now: </B><NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="C:\Program Files\CoolMon\weather.txt,3">
    <B>Temp: </B><NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="C:\Program Files\CoolMon\weather.txt,4">
    <B>Tomorrow: </B><NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="C:\Program Files\CoolMon\weather.txt,21">, <NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="C:\Program Files\CoolMon\weather.txt,23">-<NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="C:\Program Files\CoolMon\weather.txt,22">C

    the attachment shows what this generates.

    play around, hope that helps :D
  3. i did that, but now i see where it says; now, temp, tommorrow, and no degrees no nothing. I think ima doing something wrong.
    HERES what i did;
    i downloaded weather.vbs file, extract it using winRAR into my program files\daisymansoftware\ - then i right click the file choose edit, paste the address (URL) where i enter my zip code from and then i left the metric valuve flase. THen i added ur link and it doesnt show. am i missing somethin, do i suppose to convert the vbs file to txt
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    kewl i've bin lookin 4 an explanation to coolmon 4 ages!!

    cheers guyz!

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