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    well i have a celeron 1.2 ghz processor and it has been running really hott lately. i havent dont any over clocking or anything. i have 5 fans in the case(cpu fan, p/s fan, 2 80mm fans, 1 60mm fan) and my processor is at 105.9 degrees Farenhite(41 degress C.) and the mainboard is at 91.4 degress Farenhite (33 degress C.) and those are the IDLE temps. when its at full load its about 110 degress F, and this just started, before, i would be at about 94 degress farenhite all the time. i dont know what happened. all my fans are running, and those temps are with the side panel of the case off, when its on, i am at about 108.9 degress Farenhite for the CPU, any one have any ideas??
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    the heatsink fan may be dying. check that out. it may be spinning @ a lower rpm than normal because its dying or its dirty from dust or something. try rearranging your case fans. before i water cooled, just rearranging them brought me down 20 degrees F
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    if i got that air in a can and sprayed it on the heatsink to blow out all the dust out of the fan and heatsink would that help, would it be safe too?
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    yes, but hold the fan in place without forcing it down doing so will unbalance it and you'll either ..

    1) make it worse
    2) hear a clanky sound which not only would you hear that it would also make the fan die quicker... :) so becareful hehe