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Discussion in 'Funny Farm' started by mooo, Oct 5, 2004.

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    damn Sky Rat ... they get into everywhere. Needs to get a real cat that can do it's job!!!

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    i have 2 cats that are constantly slamming into windows following the chipmunks outside. over the summer i had a blackbird fly down my chimney and these 2 cats took off like a condor was after them, i laughed so hard i almost pissed myself. i've never seen such scared cats in my life. needless to say i closed the flue afterwards, and last night i lit the first fire of the year and filled the house with smoke lol. i think i'll just go buy one of those varment caps for the chimney.
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    ROFL :D
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    The brick mason that rebuilt my chimney said he has never seen a strike to a chimney that didn't have the cap. As well as destroying chimney, it got all my electronics. But I also had trouble with birds so I had him put it back on. Insurance payed!!!
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    Siamese are show cats, they are greedy little buggers.

    What he needs is a Cat that will eat Rats, a cat that will own his house, it is the one that is in charge.

    I have had a few Cats in my time and neither of them would shy away at some Pigeon.

    As Sir Pseudo said they are Rats!