Converting completed Kazaa .dat file to mpg?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by downunderground, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. I recently downloaded a movie but when it had finished kazaa didnt convert the .dat file to .mpg like it is supposed to. I tried renaming the extension but no luck. Any ideas?
  2. sacred2nite

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    Put the file in your shared folder. Open Kazaa and leave it running for a while. This should help esp if your using Kazaa lite. It did it to me once but I dont use p2p no more because I think its more trouble then it is worth.

    P.S I hope it was legal? I dont like to assist crime! :mad:
  3. Tried that already, but didnt work. Think its cause I renamed the file. Can't remember wat it was called before. Is there some sort of converting program that I can use?
  4. gladner

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    I had that problem once but fortunately simply changing the extension worked for me.

    Sorry, this wasn't really helpful
  5. xsivforce

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    Was this a legal download? If not, we can't help you. Make sure to check out the forum guidelines located: here. We have to be careful of these types of things.
  6. Yeh thats understandable. The MPG is footage of a Jap style drift comp.
  7. Bretenn

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    mayb try restart the pc...
    sometimes when i play a movie half way b4 it completed... then after completed... that movie will not convert itself... then after restart... it's done!
  8. macromp

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    happened to me a few times, i just close kazaa and reopen it, close it again and it's done...
  9. sacred2nite

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    Download VCDGear from I have just found it. It can repair .dat mpeg streams. Goodluck :)

    P.S Sorry I suggested you were downloading illegal stuff, have to be careful though ;)
  10. Geffy

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    make sure the folder path it is trying to download to is present, you can use DAT view to see this, then just make that path if it doesnt exist and then restart Kazaa
  11. dave holbon

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    Or just open the .dat file in media player 9.0a.
  12. Geffy

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    once its playing try to get to the video file properties and find out what WMP is using that should help you figure out what the extension is, cause it could be something other than MPG
  13. There is a program that can tell you what codec a file is using so that could help u to figure out the extension but unfortounatly (sp?) I forgot the name.. Ill post it once I find it.
  14. sboulema

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  15. Yeah, run yr file through that and see what codec it uses.. that should give u a hint about the extension.
  16. DarkMaster

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    happened to me a few times, its not worth trying to convert it, jus download it again. sometimes i can leave kazaa running and it will change into the proper format (eventually)