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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by patrick, May 29, 2002.

  1. patrick

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    Well, I can finally boast my very own legal collection of music cds. Yes, I did go out and buy all legal copies of my favourite music with my hard-earned cash.

    You see, now I have all this music in wav, I'm wondering what you people believe is the most powerful and convenient program to convert cds/songs into mp3s. It must have a good deal of control over the process but still be easy-to-use.

    I've seen lots of different products but none are both really powerful AND easy to use.
    Is there any one solution?

  2. Hipster Doofus

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    Melbourne Australia
    Try a search for a free program called 'cdex'. Easy to use. :D
  3. xsk8zerox

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    I use shuffler.. you can get it on all you do is right click and press convert to
  4. crono_logical

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    I prefer the LAME codec, but only go for it if you;re comfortable with the command prompt - I haven't found nor can be bothered to look for a GUI for it :p
  5. mbunny

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    May i recommend Exact Audio Copy

    it does exactly that. It rips an exact audio copy from the CD into a wav at which point you use a high quality mp3 encoder.

    >>>> LAME <<<<

    The one and only true mp3 encoder =)

    EAC has the ability to use LAME within it already. you just need to download the latest LAME binary. (EAC gives you links for sites that have it)

    CDex uses LAME but the CD -> Wav part of it isn't as good as EAC's. it just does Wav -> MP3 well mainly cause it uses LAME =)

    Don't use AudioCatalyst despite what people say. It does a shonky job of what it is doing.

    exact audio copy's link =)

    i recommend u stick with the r3mix settings it tells u to use when u fire up the config wizard. It is the best settings to use =)

    and its FREE!!! =)
  6. l0g0ut

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    try this ... great for ripping a lot of cd's at once..... actually it's just exact audio copy coupled with LAME encoder.....
  7. riscy

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    Not done much of this stuff myself (normally use Winamp for rippimg MP3>Wav) but I noticed that MusicMatch converts to and from various formats -


  8. mbunny

    mbunny Guest

    musicmatch can't compare to EAC + LAME combo

    music match do a so so job... comparable with audiocatalyst jobs.

    the thing with EAC + LAME is that with default settings ur getting high quality mp3's and correctly encoded Variable Bitrate (VBR).

    EAC + LAME can't be beaten... if u find a fault with this combo then why are u bothering to use a lossy format such as mp3?

    u'd be using EAC to rip to WAV and then zipping the WAV files. U'd lose nothing in that.
  9. Raven76

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    Exact Audio copy is the best there is. It's powerful and most importantly it is accurate because it verifies the audio stream as it rips. No other ripper/encoder does that. Use it with LAME for the best quality MP3's possible.

    Audiocatalyst = crap
  10. sickmailer

    sickmailer Guest

    Audioactive's Production Studio

    Why is Audioactive's Production Studio MP3 software encoder better than the rest?
    Simple - it sounds better than the rest, because it was developed by audio professionals who know quality audio. The broadcast quality MP3 compression used in the Audioactive MP3 Production Studio was developed in partnership with Fraunhofer Labs - the inventors of MP3 - and uses their latest technology to produce the highest fidelity MP3 encoding.
  11. patrick

    patrick OSNN Addict

    OK so those mentioned:

    LAME codec
    Exact Audio copy
    Audioactive's Production Studio

    To me it looks as though the competition is between exact audio copy and audioactive. Why is Lame mentioned everywhere?
    Still need to make a choice here.

  12. bheagle

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    Gee.. I can't wait till the MP3 vs OGG fight starts....

    I believe it will be as good as the old INTEL vs AMD topic...

    hehehehe HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS PEOPLE!!!:D :D
  13. mbunny

    mbunny Guest

    Audioactive's Production Studio

    I'm not too sure but do you have to pay for this program?
    (yes yes theres warez but lets think legally)

    Fraunhaufer was a pretty good codec for mp3's until LAME decided to try harder. LAME has surpassed and continues to be a higher quality than Fraunhaufer.

    I haven't personally tried Audioactive but u'd be hard pressed to beat the EAC + LAME combo. btw... this combo is FREE. no warez involved anywhere.

    OGG is better than mp3 but until recently there haven't been any decent ogg players. it'll catch on soon enough.
  14. TR!GG3R

    TR!GG3R Guest

    theres a prog called alto mp3 maker that rip cds to mp3 then theres another prog by the same dude that turns mp3's to cd called mp3 cd converter :) there good progs i use them myself only there shareware but the alto mp3 maker uses lame do a serarch 4 them give them a try u might like them
  15. patrick

    patrick OSNN Addict

    Thanks to all who've posted.
    I've decided to use Exact Audio Copy and the Lame codec.
    We'll see how it goes.

    Thanks again,