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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SupaTek, Jan 21, 2006.

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    I have a minor problem with Control Panel icons and images within folders.
    The problem is, that they do not appear in alphabetical order. e.g In Control Panel, User Accounts appears 1st in the list and accessibility Options appears last. I can click on arrange icons by name and everything will appear normal for a day or two, and then it reverts back. This also happens when opening up an images folder from a 3rd party program. e.g My Pictures Folder from Paint Shop Pro.
    Windows XP Pro
    any ideas?
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    See how this goes>>

    How to set the folders and make them stick
    To make the folder settings stay, there are two methods,

    A) One is to delete the two registry entries (after backing them up).

    B) Another is to add the entry "BagMRU Size" and set it to a value greater than

    400 that is the default

    Go to:-


    and add a DWORD called

    BagMRU Size

    and give it a value of


    Then go to :-


    make a DWORD called

    BagMRU Size

    and give it a value of