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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Franky, Jul 29, 2002.

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    I habe a little homenetwork 2 pc's mine and my wife's hooked up so she can surf via mine. that's all fine but now i've seen that she (it must be recently) take's up a constant 2 to 5 kb upload from the internet connection nothing wrong with that I I didn't have the restriction from my isp that I only can have 1.5 gig uploud a month and in 2 day's I raised from 10 to 15 % to 61 % so at this rate i'll be on smallband tommorow the only way to stop this is tot disable the network but than she cannot surf I've allready scanned for virusses first norton wouln'd let me scan but after an update it did and found 0 infection I scanned twice I've let adaware do his thing but nothing anybody any ideas ?

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    Check what programs are running in the background. Make sure that noone left stuff like P2P programs like Kazaa running, or other programs in the sustem tray like AIM or something that stays connected all the time.

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    there no p2p apps running and messenger is olso shut down so there's nothing running of app's and still there's 2 a 3 kb uploud
  4. See if there is any odd processes running or, you could just log it off (not Switch users) but log off to the logon screen.
  5. search the ports for possible Trojan
    friend has this same type of activity on his computer when he runs a certain program its opening ports......