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    my wife has a laptop and i have configured it to use the wireless connection whenever available. She uses a Virgin dial up when at the inlaws. when at home with the wireless connection it keeps asking to connect to the virgin connection and i cant figure out why as it is set up to dial up if network is not available, and it is pi**ing her off and in turn pi**ing me off as she nips my head. any info would be GREATLY appreciated.
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    The best way I find, is to set it to never dial a connection and establish the dial up connection manually. You can always put a desktop shortcut (Goto network connections, right click on the dial up account and click "Create Shortcut").
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    You may want to create multiple hardware profiles. Since you use wireless "wherever available", and the modem only when she is at the in-laws, I would disable the modem as a device in your main profile (where wifi will be used), and create a second profile where the modem is enabled and can be used when she's there.

    EDIT: Here is a linky on information regarding Hardware Profiles