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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by acetken, Apr 4, 2002.

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    Okay, so we have 2 computers here at my friend's place. We have a net connection on one of them through a central hub. I was wondering how I can share it with XP. Not the normal "Go check the little Share Connection box" thing. It says there's only one connection. A LAN one to the hub which it accesess the 'net through. How can I get the other computer to use the 'net from the hub.

    Computer 1 (With net)----Hub-----Computer 2 (No net :( )

    Cable modem is connected to the hub. (I tried a diagram, but it wouldn't work right... you get the idea)
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    I don't know who your cable provider is or how they handle cable access in canda, but here in the US 99% of the cable providers only allow one IP per an account unless you pay extra for another IP

    The only real hardware way around this is that you need to use a router and not a hub. A router will show up as one device on the network and then dole out it's own ip addresses to each computer...i'm pretty sure this is your problem since you are using a hub and one computer works whereas the other doesn't
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    You could also use ICS for sharing the internet connection by adding a second NIC to the primary computer and connecting the secondary computer to this NIC rather than the hub.
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    If that can help you...

    Here is my configuration :

    My PC has 2 network cards :
    1. Lan card with IP and subnet
    2. Cable card with IP DHCP who is connected to the cable modem

    I share the Cable card and XP will automaticly configure the IP adress of the LAN card with my previous config

    Then on the other computer, you have to put an IP in the same range by ex : and subnet
    The gateway must be the IP of the computer that share the connection.
    The DNS must be filled in in the TCP properties...DNS of your internet provider of course

    That's it, it's easy...well if my config can help you.


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    Crap. Now I gotta dig up another damn card... Aw well. Thanks a lot guys!