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    Im gonna build a computer here in the next few months, i was wondering what products are good in these fields
    Sound & Video Card:

    i was curious for the motherboard, im lookin for one with a good amount of slots cause im gonna have 3 harddrives in it plus the burner and rom, maybe dvd drive

    also what are some good sites for case mods and accessories like that thanx
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    i myself would go with asus or msi motherboards, but, you need to now what type of cpu you want... amd or intel. i'm not gona argue the ppoints here, its your choose which... most mobos come with 5 or 6 pci slots, but, if you want multiple hds and cd-drives, you want to get one with multiple ide channels, or raid, or serial ata raid, or all of them. most of the asus and msi mobos out now have all these, in some form or another.
    as for sound, i would stick with my audigy over my older game theater xp. if you want quality sound audigys are it, if you want more in/out put then you'll ever need, get a game theater.
    as for mod sites(my favorite part!) i would hit up and, they have there own mods, plus links to alot of other sites and there reviews
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    Everyone will have an opinion, but I like Abit boards for overclocking, raid and bios upgrading. I also like the Turtle Beach sound card over audigy and I really like the Gainward video cards. For purposes of speed, separate bus, etc for CD and DVD, I still like my SCSI over more IDE.
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    PCI slots have nothing to do with hard drives or optical drives. You'll want to be getting a board that has a RAID controller. Most of these controllers can be used as regular IDE controllers which basically gives you the ability to use up to 8 drives. Get one with ATA/133 support. Don't bother with Serial ATA yet as there are virtually no drives out there that use it. Check my sig for the hardware I use which would support everything you're looking for
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    I had to get a pci controller card when I added my 3rd HDD, because Mine did not have RAID.
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    but if he wants to put pci cards in his computer it does... i didn't mean they had to do with eachother, but, he seemed interested in expandability, having alot of pci slots and ide channels(with added pci controllers) helps in expanding a system.
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    abit's recent boards have been a little shoddy in terms of quality... no doubt they were once @ the forefront....

    currently msi and asus offer perhaps most features for best price...

    whats your price range... it is easier to make suggestions based on that...

    try and get a board with serial ata coz then you can use 4 atapi devices and shift your hard drives to the serial ata slot :)

    one thing to note.. serial ata is listed as ata150 ie 150mb/s transfer rates theoretical... BUT because of the design of nforce2 boards and others... the transfer rate is the same as pci slots allow it.. therefore MAX possible is actually 133mb/s... ata-133...

    list your price range and what you are looking for with your system and I am sure you will get detailed answers... :)
  8. intel boards are tired and true.......... very strable, built in sound, they now have one that has 6 channel sound, nic and raid built in 533 bus, usb 2.0 and firewire.........
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