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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by sn00pee, Aug 30, 2002.

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    Ok, this really doesnt have anything directly to do with xp but eh help if you can. I have an ABIT VA6 apollo pro mobo with 2 hdd. My first problem was that one of the hard drives would just disappear. When this happens, I reboot. When i reboot, say the hdd name comes up as WD13AA when i usually reboot but this time it comes up as WD@#23!!!!!!!!!! or some weird **** like that right. Now i done tried everything (formating,rebooting,xp repair) untill i got it back to its original ID or whatever. But it happens again. I thought it might be a loose IDE cable so i checked it and it seemed to work. But it STILL seems to happen. Then a second problem comes up. When I turn on my computer, My monitor doesnt come up AND i dont hear the little PC sound beep (which usually happens like after memory check or something). So my main question is... What should I do? anyone got any suggestions as to what is my problem? should i replace the mobo? me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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    seems like a mobo problem to me.

    before buying a new one check the jumper settings on your HDD's master slave etc. also check the device manager from control panel/system to detect any problems.
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    make sure that they IDEs are pressed in to the board and the back of the drives fully, then make sure master and slave are set correct, and power is good. then reset your BIOS, and you will be able to boot with your default settings in your BIOS.
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    Are the hard drives the same brand..
    could be a compatability issue between drives
    ( diff branded drives dont like working together.. had this issue between samsung and western digital on intel boards )
    in your bios is hardrive set to autodetect ?
    you could try the Drives separately to verify they are ok..
    you have got one set as master and one set to slave.
    or hard drive failure coming on...
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    try not to use "auto-detect ide". ive seen a similar thing happening before (the name was displayed scrambled). go into the bios and let bios check for ide devices, it'll then set the hdds up as "USER" with the correct settings for each one. If it reboots once with correct text, it should keep doing that from then onwards.
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    I tried just using my other HDD but still nothing. I even reset the BOIS setting and everything is well connected. So im still going with the fact that it might be the mobo :/. I need a new computer anywayz =D. I cant see if there's an error message or not because the monitor wont come on, so im gonna try one of my old vid cards and see if anything happens but if that dont work i guess i might as well get a new mobo/PC. thx for the helps =]