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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Kaplunk, Mar 28, 2003.

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    I have only one phone number in the house but multiple points. the modem phoneline is always connected. but my problem is this. when the phone rings because the modem is hooked to he same line it starts the computer up. it is a US Robotics. v90... Got XP operating system on the computer, although im not sure that matters because the problem happens when the machine is off. i looked all through xp to see if there was an otion to turn it off. could someone please tell me how to turn off adaptive answer, or auto answer, whatever it is. :) thanks
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    Your BIOS has Wake-On-Modem turned on. To turn this feature off, go into your system BIOS and look for an option that says Wake-On-Modem. Turn that option off. I'm not sure exactly where it is in your bios because not all BIOS are the same.
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    Yeah iv'e been through there that is set to disabled. thanks for the quick reply though
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    have you checked other wake-on options in the bios? for instance, not sure if it would make a difference, but is wake-on lan enabled? i'd disable anything in the bios having to do with wake! :D
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    Also look in the Modem settings in control panel, Im sure Ive seen "wake on modem" in there somewhere at some time
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    pop the case open and see if there is a pair of wires from the modem to motherboard, if there is remove and it will stop.
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    all wake on lan and modems and everything are off.

    the modem is external.. it never use to happen.. the hard drive packed it in about a week ago, and ever since i put the new one in it has happened. the modem uses the parellel port. I have seent he option under the modem settings that say wake when receiveing and that isnt checked.

    P.S. I know i can jsut turn the modem off to stop it, but its in an awkward spot. and it use to always be o n and the computer didnt start all by itself when the phone rang. :)
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    Don't you mean the serial port? Never seen a parallel modem...
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    hehe yeah my bad.
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    add a string to the command line in windows for the modem to tell it not to pick up any calls, my brothers pc would always pick up his incomming calls tell I told him to do that. look up your modem online and see if there is any command strings for it if not just look up some generic ones they will work also.
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    Have you flashed your BIOS recently? If you have there may be a bug in it that is keeping wake on modem turned on even when you change the settings.

    Also check to see if your bios has an "State after power failure" setting or something to that effect and change it to off. It may be that when the phone rings the modem is sending a power surge to your computer that it is interpretting as a power loss and so it restarts the computer