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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jamespond, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. jamespond

    jamespond Guest

    Can anyone tell me how to find out if a program is causing my computer to slow down.

    I have 256mb of memory and the only thing running at the moment is AOL.

    For example if i right click on the desktop and select properties it is taking about 30-40 seconds for the screen to open.

    I have closed all the applications by the clock that i can except for NAV.
  2. ....restart lately? If you have use ctrl alt delete and see if there is any unusual processes running
  3. J0sh

    J0sh Guest

    I'd say its time to defrag, or even reformat
  4. wait a minute...

    I re-read your post and i found the problem!!!
    your using aol!:D :p
  5. jamespond

    jamespond Guest

    I restarted and defregged the hard drive but still running slow, there is no unusual programs running and the harddrive is only half full, so i dont think i need to format.

    Any more ideas???????????
  6. gilgamex

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    Check your processes in the task manager. If you are doing nothing with your system, "System Idle Process" should be at 99%. You can see if any other porcesses are sucking away cpu cycles. AOL could be your problem, besides the ISP being crap, the software is famously unstable. A fresh format/load of windows would almost certainly fix your problem though.