Computer Problem.. Freeze/Reboot/BSOD

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ThePunkerGuy, Jan 31, 2003.

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    Ok, i am having a problem with one of my computers.
    - Here is the problem. The computer will either just get a blue screen of death when it wants, reboot when it wants, and sometimes it freezes up when its booting, even before it starts loading windows.
    - Here is what i have tried already.
    1. RMAed motherboard and got brand new one
    2. Tested ram for 48 hours straight with Memtest86
    3. Swaped PSU out with new one
    4. Tried assorted Video cards (agp and pci)
    5. Removed all pci cards
    6. Bought new HSF (Volcano 6CU)
    6. Format HD
    7. Disabling onboard sound
    - Here is the system's specs
    *Athlon XP 1900+
    *ECS K7S5A
    *384mb Kingston PC2100
    *Western Digital 40gig 7200rpm ATA100 HD
    *300 Watt PSU
    *Unknown Brand GeForce3 TI200
    *Volcano 6CU
    *Floppy Drive
    *NEC ZIP100 drive
    *TDK 16X CDRW Drive
    *Samsung 8X DVD Drive
    *Using: onboard sound, onboard lan
    *Windows XP Home Ed.

    Where do i go next? This is very annoying!
    - Mike
  2. Hipster Doofus

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    Turn off the automatic restart then you should get an error message which should point you in the right direction.

    Right click my computer/properties/advanced/startup & recovery. Untick auto restart then post the error message.
  3. Jz1397-5

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    taht would not explain why it did it on a fresh reformat though
  4. Indomidable

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    Some Ideas

    First off I know how that feels!! it totaly :( Sucks!!!
    So here are some ideas
    Check the BIOS settings?
    PnP OS -> ON/Enabled
    Memory settings ->SPD
    CPU ->SPD (Default)
    Bus Speed (200 or 266)
    Possibility of Jumper problems though I think I have one of those ESC K75SA's running a 1.4Ghz palmino at home.
    Flash update the BIOS.
    Do you have a RAID controller?
    I had a fun problem with mine on my TYAN board it won't run USB legacy support and the RAID controller at the same time.
    I have a USB mouse and Keyboard.

    My main system specs (Everyone else is doing it :wink:)
    Dual 1.9 MP's
    Tyan Thunder K7 S2460
    Dual Volcano 9+
    Kingston 2100 512Mb Registered EEC DDRAM
    Antec SX1030 Black File Server Case
    ATA 133 RAID
    1 60Gb Maxtor 1 60Gb WD (120Gb RAID-0 Set)
    Panisonic LF-D311 (DVD-R/RAM)
    Plextor 401240A (CD-R/RW)
    ATI All In A Wonder 8500DV (64MB)
    SB Audigy Platinum /w SB 5.1 Speaker System.
    D-Link 530+ !00/10 TX NIC
    Tripilite UPS. 17" Monitor
  5. Gus K

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    Well it's too late to say stay away from ECS mobo's. They are very twitchy and PS sensitive, and support is non existance. Have you checked their site for any BIOS updates that may apply?

    Usually those kind of problems with AMD can be attributed to chipset drivers and power supplies. Although you've changed your PS, you could try emailing ECS for a PS brand reccomendation (they have never responded to an email, and I've never seen one post answered in their forums).

    Another thing to try would be the order that you re-install.

    Pull all your cards, except for vid.
    Install XP
    Install mobo chipset drivers
    Install vid card drivers

    Then go about normal card instalation.

    Some have said to install SP1 right after the mobo/chipset drivers.
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    There's a site with a real good forum for this MOBO, I will post the link when I get home tonight.
  7. rettahc

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    This is a really good forum dedicated to the K7S5A MOBO

    Somethings about this board
    PSU demands 300-400watt with at least a 20-28A +3.3Volt rating

    Chipset heatsink is held on with regular double sided tape, this is known to cause instabilty because the tape is $hit for heat transfer to HS. Removing heatsink, cleaning off tape and applying a thermal paste such as artic silver and glueing the HS on is recommended.