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  1. Sould I sell my playstation 2? Because the only games I have are the ones I rent. This summer, I have only played it one time for a game that I rented. The only games I would buy is sports games that are also out for the computer. If I sell it I'll probably buy a better video card, some more memeory, or another motherboard. When I go back to college I'll play the ps2 if my friends have games or if I get madden 2003 and I'll probably get something for my computer before I buy it. But I use my computer about four times as much as my ps2.

    XP 1800 @ 1.64
    Generic 256 PC2100 Basic Value
    Video Magic 64mb video card
    lite-on dvd 16x
    lite-on cdrw 24x10x40
    ibm 80gig 7200rpm
    fujitsu 20gig 5400rpm
    400W Allied psu
    Dragon Orb 1 fan
    AMR 56k modem
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    Definetely go for the computer, far better investment in the long run than a playstation which in a year will be outdated anyway.
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    You might laugh when I say this, but I would sell the PS2, buy a little for the computer, and also get a Dreamcast. I just bought a DC from Electronics Boutique. I took in the old PS1 and about 20 games. They had a deal going...if you spend $75 in DC games, they give you the system; they gave me $75.99 in store credit, so I got about 10 games, a system, a memory card; and only spent $2.01.

    Now, the DC is far more than a game system. It runs WindowsCE, so you can do some programming on it as well. I have a VCD player, an MP3 player, and I have a port of the Nestor NES Emulator that runs on the DC. You can run a port of BSD Linux on it as well. A Divx player is available, but I have yet to try it.

    Check out for more info.
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    I really don't agree. The graphics are just as good as what you can get with the mainstream systems, as is the sound. I believe the only reason it didn't make it was that people just weren't ready for it yet. (remember the Edsel?) The PS1 and N64 were still hot, and the public balked at the idea of a 'new' system, 128 bit graphics or not.

    At any rate, I like it, and I play it constantly. With the PS1, all I did was knock the dust off occasionally. ;)
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    Well, I can see this conversation is now over.:rolleyes:
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    PS2, PS1, Dream Cast, X Box or N64... sell and get 'Puter. You will be happier in the long run. Play all the PC games you like, play online. Do your school work on it and play some more. :D
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    ditto !!!!!

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    You think Catch doesn't like my DC because it's processor is faster than his AMD?? :D
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    You see the world through your cynical eyes
    You're a troubled young man I can tell
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    But your hand's wet with sweat and your head needs a rest
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    You are all poets and know it.
    But you must refrane from the flame.
    Or as Moderator I will be forced to Editor.
    When I hit the edit button on this shi...

    :p :D
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    i bought the ps2 just to play 3 games. those are final fantasy x, metal gear and gran turismo 3. if there arent any good games our there, i just use the ps2 for dvd movies =) plus selling it now wont get you much dough
  13. thanks for your opinions, I sold the ps2 for $155.
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    I'm sure his 1800+ would blow the doors off your crippled P4 and DC.
  15. oh and my dad can probably beat up your dad......
    jeez what is this grade school?
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    exactly my thoughts. i only bought my ps2 for gt3 and to have a good dvd player. it was good for it's time (i preordered mine and got it 1st day) but with xbox being the same price now, it's tons better. friend has a dc and he loves it. it's a good deal anymore. i've always loathed the n64... games were crappy and graphics were downright horrendous... not to mention single-digit framerates in too many games. a lot of 8-year olds liked it, though.

    but my ps2 mostly collects dust since i got into computers. just nothing stacks up to the control of a mouse and keyboard, the picture of a 2 million pixel screen, and the fluid framerates... even with my gf2. but it does costs more and has a learning curve.

    what i say is what everyone is going to say on this forum, being a computer-based one. computer's are #1. consoles are good instant gratification (don't want to wait for pesky windows to boot up), and not spending or knowing too much.

    lol, on second thought... i'm certain my computer boots up faster than my ps2 with a game and memory card in it. }:p
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    My apologies...
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    8 letters for you E-M-U-L-A-T-O-R
    You can now play xbox games on your computer

    so..the list is now here:

    then only thing not emulatable as of yet is PS2, and they have a beta that can currently run a demo disc @ 18 FPS

    so....whats all this about buying

    for the price of a tv, xbox, and 5 games i got a computer that destroys any console on the market
  19. FoSsiL

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    the xbox must be mad easy to emulate, because every inch of the xbox's hardwares is taken from computers. damn! plus how bad can pplz customize their xbox now, upgrade it just like a computer haha
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    well consoles do have advantages over pc's

    1.) They are dedicated machines meaning they are optimised to gaming only, unlike pc's on which you can do so many things at one time.

    2.) since the hardware is the same for every unit, games a fully optimised for best performance. While on the other hand, almost every pc has different hardware, making games buggy/requiring you to apply patches, get new drivers, etc

    3.) most of you say that PC's are a better investment. I dont think that's true... ;) A console will last an average of 5 year atleast.. and itll cost you only $300 dollars on average. If I go and buy a top-notch system right now and spend $3000+ dollars on it how long do you think the system would be able to play games at thier highest quality? 1 or 2 years at most.

    The facts people, the facts :D