Computer freezes on Standby or Hibernate

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Carbonize, Feb 10, 2002.

  1. Carbonize

    Carbonize Guest

    Overall I love XP, but this is one of the small things that bug me.

    Whenever I try to hibernate or go to standby the coputer freezes at the screen that says: Preparing to hibernate/standby
    No BSOD comes, it just displays the same screen for ages without doing anything.

    Anybody else had the same problem?
  2. dieot

    dieot OSNN Junior Addict


    please post what applications are running in the background at the time of "hibarnation initiation" and what mouse drivers (i.e. logitech ) you use if any.

    Thank you
  3. gothic

    gothic LinuXPert

    Cornwall Nr. England
    Please could you also mention your hardware configuration.
    Any PCI risers from Highpoint (iWill) cause problems with hibernat / Standby.
  4. allan

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    There are numerous documented problems with both standby and hibernate in XP. May I suggest that rather than use either of these options, you just set your monitor & HD to shut down after "X" period of time? These are the only components you are concerned with anyway and it will be a lot easier on your system.
  5. Carbonize

    Carbonize Guest

    Ok, this is my system configuration:

    Motherboard: Asus A7V
    Processor: 1000MHz Athlon T-Bird
    Memory: 512Mb (don't know manifacturer)
    Graphics card: Asus V7100 GeForce 2MX/400
    Sound card: Soundblaster live
    ISDN card: Asuscom ISDNLink 128
    Network card: cheap asus ethernet (don't remember model)
    Hard drive: IBM Deskstar 40GB

    All standard XP except:
    Graphics card: nVidia 21.81
    Isdn Card: Standard 2k drivers on CD

    Services running:
    Com Event System
    Computer Browser
    Cryptographic Service
    DHCP Client
    Distributed Link Tracking Client
    DSN Client
    Error Reporting Service
    Event Log
    Fast User Switching
    Help And Support
    Interactive logon
    IPSEC Service
    Local disk manager
    Network Connections
    Local Network Aweareness
    nVidia Driver Helper Service
    Plug And Pray
    Portable Media Serial Number
    Print Spooler
    Protected Storage
    Remote Access Connection Auto Manager
    Remote Access Connection Manager
    Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    Remote Registry
    Secondary Logon
    Security Accounts Manger
    Shell Hardware Detection
    System Restore Service
    Task Scheduler
    TCP/IP NetBios Helper
    Terminal Services
    Upload Manager
    Web Client
    Windows Audio
    Windows Management Instrumentation
    Windows Time
    Wireless Zero Configuration

    (man that's a load of crap in the memory :D )