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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Petros, Jun 4, 2004.

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    Computer parts are getting incredibly cheap. I just realized that tonight while building one for a buddy of mine. Check this out:

    The $40 we spent on shipping brought this computer to about $804 (£436.91). He wanted to skimp on everything, (like when he wanted to settle for a 9600 Pro) but I managed to rescue him from ignorance. And also made a compromise on RAM, since I figured a gig would be better. Not wanting to spend over $800, he agreed to 512. And was content with a generic mouse. Oh well. Maybe later...
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    Yes - and it is no coincidence that 64 bit and PCX bus (which will render AGP cards obsolete too BTW) are just around the corner.....

    Basically in a couple of years systems like that one you just built will be seen pretty much the way we see PIII systems now I think - I could even be wrong on the timescales! Morses law and all that....

    I think it is quite a cool philosophy to try to get best of breed in one basic core component on each upgrade to your system - then retain that component as long as possible going on to your next system, so you incrementally improve it.

    In your friends case I think maybe the component I would have fixed on is a large/expensive TFT to improve the experience - he could then keep that for use with any future system..... who knows, maybe that will be his first upgrade? Then again I think another stick of ram will be his first performant required increase....