Computer Attack!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Mac1, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. Mac1

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    computer attack

    Can any body tell me why I got this attack when I was logged in to NTFS.
    see attached file.

    my firewall stopped it dead but I am still wondering about it.

    p.s. how do I insert a picture into my post. I had to attach it. I clicked on IMG but dont know what to do. I thought I could paste it in but it wont work.

  2. Enyo

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    Its a alert coming from your system not off the Internet. Probably a false positive.

    What firewall are you using?

    You attach the image to the post then put the link of the attachment in the IMG tags.
  3. Petros

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    Did you do a whois on that IP? ;)

    The "img" function links to a picture on the internet. You would have to upload a pic somewhere and make a link to it. Same goes for your sig if you choose to use one!
  4. Enyo

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    whois - Look in the mirror :p
  5. Mac1

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    whats as it's not my server or client address or is there something else i'm missing. I am a bit green when it comes to these things.

    but I am getting there. with your help.

    sorry about the picture, I didin't know I had to load it to the internet first. I just see all your nice pic's and avatar's " and thought you could just paste them into where you write.

    what does avater mean, this maybe this?

    A manifestation or presentation to the world or

    Incarnation of Vishnu, a Hindu deity; or

    is it just a Display.

  6. Enyo

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    1,338 is your systems loopback address.

    Avatar is the image that appears under / above the username.

    Scan your system for viruses to be sure your not infected but it looks to me to be a false alert.
  7. rushm001

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    Re: computer attack

    Like this?

  8. Mac1

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    Thats exactly what it is Rushmoo1 and Enyo,

    very cleaver guys you are, or what.

    I didin't know you could get loopbacks. "learned summit else"

    I am running XP Pro with Nav2003 Antivirus Pro and Norton 2003 Firewall Pro. all definitions are up to date.

    I have just bought Nav2004 and was going to install it when I see all the posts about it, now I'm not to sure about installing it.
    But if it's anything like Nav2003 it will be very good, as I have had no trouble with it. In fact I would recommend it, as long as your computer is powerful enough.

    I have just did a scan for virus and all well.

    Thanks guys