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    I'm trying to have Windows recognise a COMPAQ PCMCIA floppy taken from an old CONTURA AERO laptop. The laptop I'm trying to install it to is NOT a COMPAQ one but a DELL INSPIRON 8100. I have tried all possible ways to make it work but all have failed since Windows recognise the drive but cannot find any suitable drivers for it. Windows ME has one but it does not work with XP. COMPAQ and various sites in the web give some pretty detailed instrutions but they all seem to assume that the driver is to be installed on a COMPAQ PC. Since this is not my case I would like to ask if anyones knows a way (a generic driver maybe?) that will make this floppy work with Windows XP. Thanks!
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    I know Compa is pretty bitchy on their hardware. I know I couldn't install compaq's RAM in my desktop. My pc just wouldn't boot.

    I hope you'll have more luck
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    Everything Compaq (and HP) have ever made is proprietary. Meaning, that nothing that they make will work with something they don't.
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    Thank you both for your replies. Indeed there seems to be no way to achieve what I was aiming at.