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    A lonely man went into a pet store looking for an unusual pet as a companion. The store owner suggested a centipede. “What sort of a companion will a centipede be?” the man asked. “This is a most unusual centipede,” the store owner said. “He’s a great conversationalist and he loves to drink.” The man took the centipede home and put him in a box on the windowsill. That evening the man asked, “Would you like to go out for a beer?” Receiving no response, the man said, “How about it, would you like to join me for a drink at my favorite bar?” Again there was no response, so the man fairly shouted, “Hey, in there! How about going out for a drink?” To which a tiny voice replied, “I heard you the first time. I’m putting on my shoes.”
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    hahaah okay my brain must be in "really dumb" mode cos that was funny :D