Compact Flash PCIMCA cards not recognised? Can anyone solve this problem??

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Bogwert, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. Bogwert

    Bogwert Guest

    Having big problems with my Windows XP PRO. I have it installed on both computers on my home network.
    I have tried to use a PCIMCA compactflash on the laptop and a USB Pen drive on the desktop and the laptop.
    They are supposed to be true plug and play and don't require drivers for win ME, 2000 or XP.
    Both installed fine with win2000 no drivers needed - the native drivers were fine.
    With XP the computer detects the device then asks for a drivers disc - for which there is none (- I tired the win98 / NT driver disks but they are not compatible and caused the comp to crash. Non of the websites seem to have XP drivers as they rely on the native drivers.)
    All other USB devices work and all other PCIMCA devices work.

    Am I doing something wrong with XP. Please help as i have work on the USB pen drive !!!

    Cheers !!!

    (both worked fine with win2000)
  2. zoyvod

    zoyvod Guest

    try this

    Why dont you try to install the drivers by the win2000 cd.
    when winxp asks you for drivers insert the 2000 cd and browse it to the drivers folder and let it search.
  3. Bogwert

    Bogwert Guest

    Still having problems with plug and play - please please help.

    I tried using the win2000 disc. I have even copied the whole file to the driver cache folder in order to try and confuse XP into using them, but to no avail.
    In a desperate attempt to try and use my compact flash cards i bought a card reader via the USB port, but still have the same problems.
    Basically the plug and play is not working for any removable storage device.
    I have Win XP PRO build 2600
    i have tried all updates

    please please help
  4. Aarow

    Aarow Guest

    I use a USB Pen Drive. Just plugged in and XP recognized it without asking for any drivers at all.??

    pity it wont work on the Cut down Version of Win95 supplied at work.

    don't know why it is asking you for a driver

  5. MdSalih

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    Birmingham, UK
    whats the model/make of the pen... normally you;ll find something on the web for it... either the drivers or a solution...