Comments on "father thinks of son is a hax0r"...

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by e76623, Jan 13, 2002.

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    You sound just like my patient at my job... It looks to me that you had too much amphetamine... ease back on it... hehe it's going to be just fine.... if not, try getting some sleep... oh wait... Iv'e read this from some other forum, that'hehehe' most, i repeat, most hackers take drugs to keep em' awake for them to compile those scripts and hex around windows... 'hee hee' then you can observe your kid again and maybe make a part 2 of your story... it's very interesting to read.. hehe, really!! Got 2 go, need sleep barely tipe hard 2 c keyb0@rd, awke 4 2 w3eks.. buy 4 naw/.. :cool: rofl!
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    thats a classic ....... i emailed the link to all my mates at work


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    hey how come mines says XP home, but i installed a pro version...
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    The more posts you make and your title will change ... XP home is for the new members then it goes to XP Pro etc as your posts increase

    i think after 20 posts you can use a custom title also.........


    And yes that article is hilarious , he couldnt have been serious ... no way
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    Nice post...

    Note: Yeah Zman true,,,u will get a new title the more posts you have..Im not sure about the ammount of posts before it will change title.. Admin and mods..such as me self..have different titles..than regular members..