Command prompt problems.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by NegativeFactor, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. For some reason everytime I run command (using Start>Run) it takes about 10 minutes to drop to the prompt, as if it stalling the screen just stays black. It doesn't seem to effect other programs, just anything ran from a DOS window.

    Strange thing is that it doesn't happen if I ran 'cmd' rather than 'command'. The prompt will instantly load if 'cmd' if run, however it still takes ages to run 'net use' commands etc.

    Has anyone experieced this before?
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    Just stay with typing cmd in the run dialogue. This opens CMD.EXE the NT/2000/XP command line interface, it is not a DOS window. Typing command opens COMMAND.COM, a 16 bit DOS application which is only there for compatibiliy reasons and runs inside the virtual DOS machine. It passes its commands over to cmd.exe.
    This doesn't however explain why it takes so long for COMMAND to load. For me it opens instantly. Maybe problems with the ntvdm (NT virtual DOS machine).
  3. I've just worked out what the problem was, and why it acted so strangely.

    You see the thing is that this problem would only happen in the morning, by about 9-10ish it would simply stop happening and continue loading 'command' instantly as normal.

    No one will proberly ever have this problem again but just incase i'll explain. For reasons I now forget I had a drive to someone elses machine mapped on my computer to the X drive

    c$ on PCNAME(x:)

    Now what was happening was that everytime the 'command' was run or anykind of NetWare DOS utility was executed it would attempt to connect to this drive(x). But becuase the user had not yet turned their machine on it could not make the connection and simply hung, which is what caused the hanging problem. Then as soon as this machine was booted up and logged on my machine would work fine for the rest of the day.

    Weird one.