Combo HD/BRD Super Multi Blue Unvaled

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by drz01, Jan 8, 2007.

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    Yes Ricoh also has a multi format player in line to get past this stupid format game they are playing again.
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    Sony should have accepted Toshiba's attempt to unite the technologies instead of being poopie again. HD-DVD is better equipped to handle consumer demands.

    Of course there are those that say Blue-Ray is better for computing simply based on the 50GB available on a BD. Well with a triple layer HDDVD disk the difference is only 10gigs. Oh yeah ... HDDVD is half the price too.

    HD-DVD triple layer can play 1080p as well (who cares ... there is virtually no difference in appearance on a HDTV set with any quality). Well there still are those that say ... my tv does 1080p ... well your tv wouldnt need to do 1080p if it was a superior quality panel to begin with. I would put a pioneer 5070HD plasma panel (1080i) against any 1080p lcd (unless it was the Elite 50" 1080P plastma).

    Standard coax cable ...which the cable companies use is unable to carry 1080P signals ... not enough bandwidth. Major broadcasters have just now started to broadcast 720p. Satellite uses 1080i mp4 ...again too much bandwidth for 1080p as of today. Sure ... if we launch up a few more brand new satellites capable of broadcasting 1080p to the less than 5% of Americans which have a 1080p tv we can all then enjoy digital 1080p tv ...but its not gonna happen in the next 10 years.

    When there is fiber optic to every home in America ... then it will be possible for cable companies to provide substantial 1080p platforms. For now though ..the only use for 1080p is HDDVD and BlueRay ..and the very few televisions we own that are capable of showing it.