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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Tobber, Jan 8, 2002.

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    Update- 11/05/01

    Okay, after a few weeks of playing around with this, and asking around, I have found a way to change the color of the windows xp start button.
    You must first download a program called Styles XP once you install it, reboot your machine. Browse to X:\winnt\resources\themes and replace x:\winnt with the path to your windows dir. Now, make a copy of the stylesXP_1 folder. Rename this to stylesXP_2
    Open stylesXP_2.theme with notepad and browse to the bottom of the file, find this line : Path=%ResourceDir%\\Themes\\StylesXP_1\\StylesXP_1.msstyles change that to: Path=%ResourceDir%\\Themes\\StylesXP_2\\StylesXP_2.msstyles Open stylesXP_2.msstyles with Resource Hacker You should know by now, how to use resource hacker. Open the Bitmap folder. Click Action, replace bitmap, find the COLORHERE_STARTBUTTON_BMP (colorhere = blue, homestead or metallic) Find the bitmap of your new startbutton and click replace, then File > Save. Now, right click on your desktop, Properties. Themes : stylesXP_2

    That's it! If the start button dosen't change its most likely that your not using the color of the startbutton you changed, ie : you changed the silver button but your using the blue color theme.

    If you run into problems, try copying your "Luna" folder and rename the copied version to stylesXP_2. Then copy Luna.theme and rename the copied version of it to, stylesXP2.theme. (Ofcourse edit that file like I said above).


    Have anyone tryed this??
    Does it work?

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    wow.. talk about old news..
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    Old news??
    I asked if anyone have tryed the tutorial!!
    I didn't say it was new!!

    Read before you write!
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    oh well, yes i did, yes it worked
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    seems like alot just to change the color...but guess i'm just lazy:eek: