College student forces MS to settle

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    Think it goes here rather than in 'Windows General'.

    The story in a nutshell:

    College student David Zamos bought educational copies of Microsoft Windows and Office XP Pro for $60 each. After realizing he'd have to wipe his computer to install them, he tried to return them. The college wouldn't take them. Microsoft wouldn't take them. So, Zamos auctioned them on eBay, and that's when Microsoft sued him for thousands of dollars in damages.

    Cleveland Scene has a rather comprehensive take on the story:

    It looked as if Microsoft lawyers were so used to defendants caving, they hadn't even bothered to craft a suit that represented the circumstances of Zamos's case.

    So Zamos spent his Christmas vacation assembling a 21-page counterclaim, which he filed January 3.

    The suit spiraled into a dizzying 37 filings. Every time Microsoft filed a motion to dismiss his claims, Zamos would file more the very next day. Not only did he force Microsoft to defend its accusations against him, but the company was now forced to defend its own practices as well.
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    hehe i love people like that, (im one of them)
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    Hah! Microsoft on the defensive from the "little guy". I love it. :D
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    Good story.

    Almost as good as P-P-P-Powerbook!
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    The so-called law has so many loopholes, you don't even need to be right to actually win. You just need to know the tricks of the trade. That's how lawyers make a living, after all. :p
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    that was a classic one ;)