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    When I run Clearmem, it seems to leave a few files in my c drive. Is there anyway to stop this. Is there a setting somewhere or something. It seems that a couple of other things also leave logs in the C drive. Just kinda annoying, but not a huge deal.
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    well one way is what i do for ease of use mainly but create a .bat file like this

    Open notepad(or any text editor)
    on 1st line type your path and clearmem settings you use
    (Ones shown are default play with em you'll get the ones for you)

    C:\clearmem\clearmem -p63 -t1
    Del flush*

    Note:Repeat if you want i ussually had to run it twice so mine ls doubled Just add it again right under itself like this:

    C:\clearmem\clearmem -p63 -t1
    Del flush*
    C:\clearmem\clearmem -p63 -t1
    Del flush*

    Now that you have the text click File then Save as...
    Change it from text *.txt to All files
    name your file like Clearmem.bat
    and your done run it and see how easy it runs and deletes files for you ;)