Cisco AP1200 problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by zapoqx, Jul 20, 2005.

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    Hey all, well, I do come back and fourth on the forum, but since you all do alot better answering people's questions, I don't bother trying since my answers are probably not the best. :laugh:

    But to the subject at hand....
    I got this AP in today to replace the 350 I had because I messed it up, so I am planning to get it up soon. But anyway, Sooo, I was setting up everything on the 1200 and I noticed it is a PAIN IN THE @$$ to setup. Much more indepth and more complicated to get things working.
    After everything that I was able to get setup (IP address, DNS settings, etc), I found that I couldn't set up an Encription. When I do, no matter how I do it, the computer that needs to use this is unable to gain an IP (And as I check the Associations, it detects it, yet the IP becomes as shown by the AP). So, I manually setup settings on the other computer and it wouldn't connect to the internet. I found that if I had encription off or Optional, it is unsecure, but the computer will automatically get the IP address I assigned it to from the router AND it will get internet working.

    So, why is it that this thing is not doing as what it should?????

    Thanks in advance
    (NOTE: Extremely confused on this case right now)