Choppy MP3s in Winamp

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by disrupteh, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. disrupteh

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    This has been making me really mad. Whenever I perform the most basic of computer functions, such as minimizing or maximizing a window, or clicking on a hyperlink, the MP3 I'm listening to will skip momentarily. About 75% of the time I do any of said functions, this occurs. I haven't tried using a different mp3 player, maybe I should. Anyways, anyone know what causes this?
  2. AJG199

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    How much ram you got?
  3. disrupteh

    disrupteh Guest

    ram is definately not the problem here. i have 384MB, and 186MB is available according to the task manager.
  4. disrupteh

    disrupteh Guest

    i have a hard time believing no one's ever had a problem like this and hasn't fixed it. anybody??

    edit: maybe if i added that this problem did not happen to me at all while using windows 98. does that help?
  5. disrupteh

    disrupteh Guest

    /me offers big hug to first person that tries to give a solution to my problem
  6. Iceman

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    What version of winamp you using?

    You may want to try a different mp3 player and see if it does the same thing.

    Try QCD

    good luck

  7. loque

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    what sound card are you using?
  8. XPJunky

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    check your process priority

    Go into the preferences for Winamp and under the options find the process priority at the bottom... change it to high and see if it makes a dif... it should... btw 384mb isn't a lot for xp, i think the min should be 512... hope this helps...

  9. disrupteh

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    wow, replies. :D

    I'm using the latest version of Winamp, 2.80. Process priority is at Realtime, the highest setting. I have a SoundBlaster Live! Value. But like I said, I didn't have this problem while under Win98, and I'm using the same machine. I'm going to try using QCD, but I really prefer Winamp over anything else. Maybe I'll try posting this problem at the Winamp forum if QCD runs fine.

    Thanks guys!
  10. eNuffSaid

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    Do the MP3z sound choppy when you play them with another player. Because, if so, its obviously not a Winamp problem. When you reboot your PC and closing any programs you have opened (ZoneAlarm, Virus Scanner, Download Manager) and you play an MP3.... do you see any strange processes in your task manager that shouldn't be there.
    Which process is taking the most CPU time?

    Willem Moolenaar