Chkdsk problem??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Time25, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. Time25

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    I wanna defragment c volume but the defragment tool in xp pro give me a notice that on volume c is scheduled chkdsk and i can't defragment this volume?? How can i fix that ??
  2. firehawk

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    Run checkdisk first.
  3. allan

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    Double-Click on My Computer. Right-Click the drive you are having trouble with. Select Properties / Tools / Error Checking. Tell it to check / repair the drive at next boot, click OKAY, exit and reboot.
  4. Time25

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    I run the chkdsk /f as tell me defragmer but at next boot i still can't defrag my c volume.Itry also with error-check tool.There was no errors on my c volume???

  5. dreamliner77

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    I had this same prob, IT took many reboots, but it finally just kicked in. I know that's a lame explanation but thats all I have for ya
  6. ikester7579

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    The problem is that xp will not let you fix errors while it is running. So when you check for errors you have the box for fix errors checked it will not fix them, instead it will ask you if you want it to schedule check dsk on reboot. You select yes and during reboot it will scan and fix errors. Now, if you just want to see if there are any errors without rebooting you uncheck fix errors and it will scan and tell you if there are any errors. If so you have to check fix errors box scan again, select yes on schedule scan dsk on reboot, and reboot. After this you can defrag. I have found with xp that errors are not as common as with 98 se and the fat 32 format. I usually only get them with a bad shut down. Hope this helps. ikester
  7. Time25

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    I try this but i get the message on blue screen :Cannot direct on the volume access!!

  8. Shamus MacNoob

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    Get diskeeper for XP ..... works like a charm for XP