Chicken Little

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    You're gonna love this... This story was in the San Francisco Chronicle on Sunday the 16th of November in the "Bay Area" section (Section A) :p

    Chicken Little: In San Francisco, you never know what you're going to find when you knock on a car window -- but nothing prepared the cops for what they found the night of Nov. 3 down by Aquatic Park.

    The window came down and there was a guy with a chicken sitting on his lap and a second chicken in a bag on the passenger seat.

    "What's with the chickens?" the cop asked.

    "I'm going to take them home and eat them,'' the driver replied.

    "Lift up the chicken,'' the cop said.

    The driver did -- and the next thing you know, the driver was in cuffs and the chickens were on their way to the humane society -- where (we kid you not) the hens were given a sexual battery exam by a vet the cops called in.

    All we can say is, it's going to make for some very interesting testimony on the witness stand.

    "But the killer will be the other evidence,'' a law enforcement source said. "A 15-ounce jar of Vaseline . . . with three feathers in it.''

    :eek: :p
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    Surely he can claim that it was only a Hen Party..... or he was just about to slip them in the ovum????:eek:
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    Caught in the act! Fn gross!
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    damn chicken f#%@er!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Maybe he was tryin ta stuff da bird for thanksgiving? :rolleyes: :p
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    More like, Stuff the turd.