Cheap Video Card??

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by LazyJames, May 5, 2002.

  1. LazyJames

    LazyJames OSNN Addict

    I am getting ready to build a new PC, however on my older one i need a new video card. But i dont want to spend alot of money for one considering that i am building a new PC. I was wondering what the best deal might be for cheap yet good video cards.
  2. dijital

    dijital Guest

    what are the specs on your old system?
  3. LazyJames

    LazyJames OSNN Addict

    Specs on the old system, well lets see

    256 mb RAM
    Athlon 500mhz
    those are the basics because everything else is just about stripped out of it
  4. xsivforce

    xsivforce Prodigal Son Folding Team

    Texas, USA
    Yeah ATI Radeon 32mb DDR or a GeForce 2 or 3.