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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by a1ehouse, Aug 18, 2002.

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    Anyone no how this can be done? I'm running Apache 2.0, mySql and php.

    At the moment I can point to my server via my IP address, but would like to be able to tell people to go to

    anyone have any ideas?
  2. Zedric

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    1. Make sure your ISP allows you to use domain names (mosts don't).
    2. Buy the domain name
    3. Point the domain to your IP (done when buying).
    4. Wait a week or two.
    5. Done!

    If 1. fails, buy space at a web hotel.
  3. DrMetallica

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    Look in the coding forums... is pointed to the apache server at http://66.69.75.*** ...just point the redirection to your computers IP and you should be m8 also talks about if you haz a dynamic ip how to set it up...go check da coding forums.
  4. details, i have server/root domain/email/web running on a dsl, which has a full time static address which never changes. until i give up the account its my address........ its on their subnet, but i consider it my address. its an expression.

    anyway yes it can be done, buy a domain name and have your ISP add it to their DNS servers to point at/resolve to your web server and/or your own DSN server to resolve past the root name or at least somewhere it has to have a DNS record pointing that domain name to a page (on free page from host for holding name maybe) and then a redirector and be placed to anywhere else.

    oh and you ment its pointed to
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    wich trace prog did u use to trace

    I haf diz crappy 3d one...i had this really nice one a couple months ago but had to reformat on short notice and forgot the name of it...
  6. a simple ping of a DNS name will resolve it to an address
  7. whatever we all get the point
    does every comment have to be like your trying to pick a fight though?