cell phones to pinpoint your location

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by geexer, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. geexer

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    This has got to be a wind-up right? I mean Gary Laden?????

    "There are some things you don't mind other people knowing, but your location isn't one of them," said Gary Laden,

  2. max

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    what a last name to have ...hehhehee

    I bet he gets a few questions from work mates :p
  3. wassup_ken

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    LOL! :D
  4. Electronic Punk

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    Only those who are less than innocent need fear :)
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    LMFAO. Well said Electronic Punk. :D
  6. toric19

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    exactly, i think that it would be very beneficial and useful, especially in the case of an emergency when a cell phone is the only thing available.....it would get police and paramedics and what-not there a whole lot faster than having to pry the location out of a frantic victim over the phone
  7. lelu

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    Sounds great to me! I wish my PCS phone could do that right now.
  8. O_o

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    Some people might want a little more privacy eh.
  9. iamtaylormade

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    Couldn't agree more

    Without going into what i do for a living.....i can tell you of many times when this could have saved a lot of grief and problem. Like anything else in life, if not abused it can do alot of good. Let's just make sure the technology doesn't fall into the hands of the "bad". Trust me when i say that it is harder for the "good" guys to use or get access to this stuff than the "bad".
  10. o0RaidR0o

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    Put the option into the hands of the user!

    It would be a valuable tool to have incases of emergency but onlly if I have the option of turning it on or off at my discretion.

    I wouldn't what it on 24/7 just hangin' out there for anyone to abuse like my wife when she is looking for me on a Saturday night :)

    Rock On!!!:cool:

  11. UberGrits

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    I'll take my chances, GPS-less, thank you very much. Having read Database Nation and other such material on privacy both now and upcoming, I am more reluctant than ever to jeopardize inadvertantly relinquishing any of my precious privacy. Me? I'll remain in the dark ages with such antiquated relics as phone booths and maps...