Cdrwin on XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by syphon00, Feb 9, 2002.

  1. syphon00

    syphon00 Guest

    I'm using the latest version 4.0a
    and I installed the ASPI driver on their web site
    but still when I tun it it says aspi failed to intialize

    I'm using Plexctor 12/10/32a and I have nero 5.57 installed

    any ideas

    would anyone recommend another good burning software
    for buring bin that's stable on XP?

  2. bo3miami

    bo3miami Guest

    use the latest version of nero to burn .bin files and it's stable in XP
  3. syphon00

    syphon00 Guest

    please walk me through how to burn bin files using nero
    I have a xxx.cue and xxx.bin files

  4. bo3miami

    bo3miami Guest

    open nero>>close the wizard>>then click file/burn image>>
    then browse to the folder where your .cue file is at and open it>>
    then just burn... :)

    that will do it.