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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by k3n, Mar 4, 2004.

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    i have had this burner for a while now n it burns perfectly but once i got a new set of cd-r(s) it doenst work quite as well, is it either broken now or #2 its the cds? i think it might be hardware realted becuase it tells me "burn process error" POWER CALIBERATION ERROR

    ne one know?
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    well if it was fine before you got new cd-rs i would try a different type of cd-r and see what happens.
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    Power Calibration Error could be the media or the burner or a combination of both.

    If the old media still worked I suspect the media. You can check the burner web site to see if they have a firmware update. New firmware usually contains info on how to burn more media types. Make sure oyu follow the firmware update directions carefully (right burner model and firmware and don't screw up the procedure) or you can trash the burner.

    Another possibility is dirty lasers in the burner. Especially if you have smokers in the house. See if you can find or borrow a cheap head cleaner kit.

    Third option is swap the media with someone else for a type you know works. I've had problems with media (even good brands like Fuji) not working well with 2 different burners.

    4th Option, try it at a slower burn speed. I had a 24x Fuji spindle that was useless above 16x on a drive that burned Imation 24x at 40 with no errors.
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    What make and model drive (and firmware revision) and I can give some more specific advice.

    Also, what kind of blanks before and after. Use cdridentifier 1.63, nero or software from your drive maker to read the atip info off the blanks.