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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by da rock, Feb 3, 2002.

  1. da rock

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    can anyone tell me how to create a cdrom boot disc?i need to flash my bios, but because my a: drv is not working i can't use it
    to make a boot floppy(my mobo is a K7S5A REV.4 W/ 8/27/01 bios) any help is much appreciated!!:)
  2. kingnothing

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    I could be wrong, but anytime I've made a boot disk using EZ CD Creator, it reads the files from the bootable floppy disk and then copies the files to the cd to make it bootable. So in other words, you probably need the floppy drive anyway to make the boot cd.

    Again, I could be wrong.
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    floppy drives are $10.... might as well buy a new drive. As kingnothing stated... it will get the files from the boot disk from your floppy disk.
  5. da rock

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    thanx guys for all the input,but the problem seems to lie in the
    mobo bios which means if i try to make a bootable floppy i'll
    end up w' a corrupt data disc and really fry my mobo,at least
    thats what i read at the ecs forum site . i'm gonna build another
    sys anyway so i'll make sure the mobo bios is different than the one i'm using now!:cool: