Cdrom and writer disapiering

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Franky, Dec 31, 2001.

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    A friend just installed xp prof he thinks he upgraded so first question can het go back to fe previos os if yes how ? ANd the second thing he installed some progr withc one I don't know but after that the cdrom and writer disapierd in my computer can anybody help ??

    I know its not mutch info i'll go to him as soon Im out of vacation

    'tnx anyway

    Greetings Franky
  2. Bytes Back

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    I had the same problem with the cd roms, turned out that I had to upgrade the BIOS to get them seen. (Asus A7V)
  3. Franky

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    and how should I go arround doing this ??

    Greetz the one and only Frankyyyyyy