CD-Rs Recognized As CD-RWs

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by SqeezyCheez, May 2, 2002.

  1. SqeezyCheez

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    Everytime I try to burn a CD-R (Yes, I'm Sure It's A CD-R) it tells me it's a CD-RW. No matter what CD writing software I use it gives me this message. My CD burner has become useless! I try to burn music, it finishes but doesn't work. I try to burn data the speed slows to the CD-RW speed of 2x. It has worked before, and I haven't installed any "risky" software on my PC. Can anyone help me? Doesn't sound like a common problem...

    Another thing. Whenever I tell Windows XP to shut down, it just freezes at the log off screen saying "Windows is shuting down..." And yes, my BIOS supports auto-shutoff.

    Thank you.
  2. leonlai

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    it might be because your hardware is not compatible with XP u might have to check with the maker
  3. SqeezyCheez

    SqeezyCheez Guest

    I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but everytime I post a qestion people never seem to understand. I've already mentioned that my CD burner has worked before.
  4. Landrvr

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    All right,

    So it's worked under XP before.... For how long roughly?
    What brand of CDRW is it (burning speeds, etc.)

    What kind of media do you have, and I mean what does it say on the CD, or the package that you bought it in (not just what you think it is)?

    How about burning programs. I don't believe this is the problem or even contributing, but what programs have you used?

    Did you check w/ Microsoft's website like leonlai suggested to see if your CDRW is indeed supported? Even though it did work at one time, still a good idea to check.

    How old is this burner? It might be dying, I had one a few years back that just decided to give it up. Piece of junk won't burn anything that is readable.
  5. SqeezyCheez

    SqeezyCheez Guest

    Since Windows XP was released.
    Comp USA, Samsung, iMation... just about everything.
    I've used the latest versions of Nero, Easy CD Creator, and the Windows XP burner itself.
    Yes I've checked that already; it basically says unknown. Once again it has always worked before, with all the latest updates.
    It's a Sony CRX-100E that's about two or three years old. I don't think it has died (have had this happen before) because it says all media I put into the damned thing is a CD-RW.

    When I burn music it gives me a message like "this is a CD-RW that cannot be read properly in car stereos and CD players, would you like to continue anyway?" So I continue anyway and it says that it was succesfull. When I try to read the disk it just keeps trying to receive info from the drive.

    I think someone on the Roxio support had the same problem, but nobody replied to his/her post.

    Thanks for trying to help.
  6. Landrvr

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    Well if you've tried all that and things still aren't working there are two more things I would have a go at. Get the latest firmware for the burner and clean install XP. Those two things have solved a few 'problems' for me in the past.

    It does sound to me though that this thing is dying. My old CDRW would do things like that before it went totally haywire. I would "supposedly" get a good burn and then the CDRW would never be able to read it. It would spin up, spin down, spin up... ...

    Althogh you said this is 2-3 yrs. old? What does that burn at anyway, 4X? If you've had it that long it's about at the end of its lifespan I think.

    Do you have access to another burner somewhere that you know works. You could try putting that in your system, if it works then you've found your culprit.
  7. SqeezyCheez

    SqeezyCheez Guest

    I've been thinking about getting a new burner, because of the slow speed of 4x. What's the best new CD burner I can get, I've been looking at some Plextor ones... what CD buner would have the longest lifespan? Four or so years always seems way too short.
  8. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    Hmm , best actual burner with the longest lifespan . Maybe this top : 24x all
    Yamaha ( maybe the second .. :rolleyes: )

    and so on ...

    Thinks about that the next year will bring cd-w with 48x !
  9. SqeezyCheez

    SqeezyCheez Guest

    I saw one just the other day that had 40x writing capability for CD-Rs.
  10. Landrvr

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    Personally I don't think anyone really 'needs' anything above 24x. That burns a CD in 5 mins. which is plenty quick. Unless you are mass producing CD's for a business or something my plextor 24/10/40 is great!

    Although there is something to be said for having the "biggest engine" in town <hehe> it's always a nice feeling.

    As for the life span, if this thing lasts longer than 4 years you ought to by something new anyway with as fast as things become obsolete. :(


    and read up on all the CDRW's you'd like. From there you'll probably be able to make a pretty good decision.

    Good luck!
  11. SqeezyCheez

    SqeezyCheez Guest

    Thanks a ton for all the help!