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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by hellacool, Dec 30, 2001.

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    I have an ACER 56X Cdrom (which is not on the HCL) My problem is that the CD Rom does not recognize a CD Eject. If I eject a cd, then stick in a new one (like in a game installation) the CD Rom still thinks the old one is in. I have to eject the cd, close the tray and let the CD Rom reset, then open the CD Rom and put the next one in. Any ideas? Also I have the latest firmware update.
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    i used to get that problem with floppies in the times of using dos to format for win98 for instance
    never found out wha tthe heck caused it
    but try taking the cdrom off device manager then rebooting and letting it read
    the cdrom is highly doubtful on the HCL... cdroms are cdroms
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    I had the same Acer Drive

    I had the Acer CD-656A drive in my computer with Windows XP it did the same thing not releasing the old contents of the drive I talked to acer and they said to try to update the firmware. Did that but nothing changed thay said that XP is touchy with CDrom's so I took out that drive and put a different one in and works alot better.